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Or anopheles mosquito

 Mosquitoes division (scientific name: Culicidae) is insecta diptera under a family.
This creature is often referred to as a mosquito or mosquito, is a short and flying insects with sucking mouthparts. Usually females take blood as food, and males eat plant juices. Blood-sucking female mosquitoes is dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, filariasis, Japanese encephalitis and other pathogens in the middle of the host.
Most kinds of the mosquito's mouth is fit for sucking blood. Mosquito surface cover shape and color of different scales, the mosquito body in a different color. This is one of the important basis of identification of mosquito, also have on vein scales, wing trailing edge is predestined friends the scales. Many for nocturnal animals. Mosquitoes are completely abnormal condition, including four developmental stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The first three times the length of the related to the type and temperature. For example, coal spot mosquito (Culex tarsalis, common in the United States), at 20 J should be 14 days to complete the first three periods of development. But in 25 J, only need 10 days can finish. The time needed to complete the first three periods of development is usually between four days to a month.
Mosquito eggs according to the difference of the species may produce in the water, the water or water three different position, such as anopheles mosquitoes and floating on the surface of the mosquito, to the water, such as mosquitoes. And anopheles mosquito about in 2 days to hatch, while spot mosquito in three to five days will hatch.
Mosquito insect larvae is also called wiggler, usually live in the place such as ponds, ditches or water vessels. Those commonly used end to stick to the surface, the pattern of the DaoChui floating. It is those in breathing. It USES the abdomen nearly end of breathing tube, breathing the air on the water directly. Those using the mouth of the bristles will produce water, flow to the mouth, with feeding organisms and microbes, but there are a few options for other wiggler food. Those after four times this will develop into a pupa. Pupa is almost as active, and those not feeding, but can swim in the water.
Shape from the side looks into comma shape. A pair of respiration Angle by the connection chest porosity. After two days to full maturity.
There are some kinds of mosquito larvae (such as bottles of grass mosquito Wyeomyia), lived in water in the pineapple plants. Some live in the insect plants such as nepenthes. Mosquitoes of the genus Deinocerites is living in the small hole of the sea. Most don't live in tropical species,
Spend the winter in egg form. But there are a few kinds to adult or those forms to the winter, for example, some species of the genus mosquito, namely to wintering in adult female forms.
The mechanism of infectious diseases:
If [1] when blood-sucking female mosquitoes, bite the object were the patient, the pathogen could borrow from this movement into the mosquito, and spread by mosquito bites. But not every mosquito can transmit each kind of virus. Only certain types of mosquitoes (called the vector mosquitoes), specific types of viruses can be transmitted. If virus is not vector mosquito mosquitoes suck, will destroyed by enzymes in the mosquito's digestive system, infectious.
[2] due to the only female mosquitoes suck blood, so only females can infect disease. Mosquitoes indirect transmission to the dog dog heart silk worm and rickettsial disease, malaria mosquito and malaria.
Main items: malaria
Mosquitoes under a genera, Anopheles mosquitoes (Anopheles), is a parasite host. There are 400 members of the genus Anopheles mosquitoes around the world, 85 of them can spread malaria. The malaria parasite causing malaria is one of the main cause of global human, especially children under the age of five, is more vulnerable to malaria infection and death. Malaria each year about 3 million people were killed,
[3] to malaria transmission of anopheles mosquitoes distribution in central and South America, Africa, Oceania and central Asia, especially in Africa. The worst in Africa, average every 30 seconds a children die from malaria.
[4] Gambia Anopheles mosquitoes (Anopheles Gambiae), a disease most other types of Anopheles mosquitoes can infect filariasis (caused by nematodes). The disease can cause swollen rubber (gumma) makes the external genital organs and abnormal enlargement of the thigh. In the world, about 1.2 million people are infected with filariasis. [2] most species of mosquito diseases, infectious diseases toxicity including yellow fever, dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis, st. Louis encephalitis, polyarthritis, Rift Valley fever (Rift Valley fever), qi root and fever and west Nile fever. Fortunately, AIDS will not borrow spread by mosquito bites.
Bite and immune response.
Mosquitoes use mouth needle (stylets), six acicular, similar to the structure of the blood needle into human skin, absorb blood feeding. When mosquitoes bite humans, will output from mouth saliva. Its saliva containing formic acid, anticoagulants and the composition of unknown proteins (known for at least 15),
The acid is used to dissolve the skin cutin layer;Anticoagulants are avoided when the mosquitoes suck blood, blood coagulation suddenly. The bite for the first time, the body does not have any special reaction. But from the second, the body's immune system will release a substance called histamine, in order to combat mosquitoes caused by foreign material, cause skin itching and irritation. This kind feeling, is by the bites of an allergic reaction to the mosquito's saliva.

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